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Bianco Training Center Advertising Programs


The Bianco School of Baseball and Pittsburgh Pride Cheer Gym combined accommodate over 18000 families a year in the South Hills Area.  We would like our customer’s to learn more about your business as they wait for their children in ours.

   GOLD Program


30 second commercial on our 60” advertising TV’S  (2 screens; one on 1st and 2nd floor)

Runs every half hour we are open…65 Hours per week

130 spots per week…over 520 times per month

With this program we have a display that our customers can take your Business Card with them.

You can give us commercial or we will come and shoot it at your place of business.



Time                   Cost                  Price per commercial

1 month               $300                                    $ .58

3 months             $275/mo = $825                    $ .53

6 months             $250/mo = $1250                  $ .48

9 months             $225/mo = $2025                  $ .43

12 months           $195/mo = $2340                   $ .37


Also as an added BONUS we will place your commercial on our website at!

View a Sample Commercial featuring Don's Appliances!


SILVER Program


Huge Indoor Field Banner 8’ High X 16’ Long

Your Business will stand out on the Brand New Indoor Field at Bianco’s.  Everyone who enters our facility will walk pass this field and a sign this BIG won’t be missed!!


TIME                    COST                               

1 Year                   $1800       This includes the cost of your 8’ x 16’ Banner & Fence Sign


This sign is actual size....8' x 16'

It's Huge!!

Bronze Program


Banner 3’ x 8’ Field and or Wall Banner

Your Business will be on display to all our customers along with being listed as one of our sponsors on our web site.


               TIME                     COST                             

               1 Year                   $700                                     This includes the cost of the Banner.

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