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BIANCO TRAINING CENTER Home of the Bianco School of Baseball est. 1991

What Separates Us from the Others?  Would you take your children to a part time doctor? Absolutely Not! Then why even consider taking them to a part time baseball instructor? Throughout the Pittsburgh area, many people are giving "baseball lessons." Most work full time jobs and become baseball "experts" for a couple of hours a week. Is this the commitment you want for your child? At the Bianco School of Baseball we are different. Our instructors are full time, salaried employees. We realize that to be the best, you must make a full time commitment; and that's what we give you. Our instructors teach baseball skills twelve months a year. Each instructor is uniquely qualified to assist all levels of players. The experience gained in dealing with a wide variety of ages and skill levels on a daily basis is invaluable. Our instructors know how to teach players . . . that's all we do year round!!!


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