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Here's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!

I have owned the Bianco School of Baseball since 1991. During this time I have seen a lot of good things happen to youth baseball programs, along with a lot of unfortunate situations. The most sensitive issue is the All Star Teams. I could write a book on all the stories I heard over the years.


The substitute for recreational all-stars has become AAU Travel Baseball. In my opinion, it actually meant something in years back, but now if you can PAY you can PLAY. I don’t know about you but this really bothers me.


I played college baseball at Pitt on a full scholarship and later stayed on as a coach. I was the Head Baseball Coach at Keystone Oaks High School for years and have given thousands upon thousands of lessons over the last 24 years. I was also an AAU coach for several years. Currently I'm an Associate Scout for Colorado Rockies along with running the daily operations at Bianco School of Baseball. 


Except for my family and God, teaching kids baseball is my life all day every day. We need to stop, step back and look at the big picture. If you’re looking toward your child’s future college plans, let’s think about what scouts are looking for. The scout is looking at what your child has done during his high school career and what he sees in front of him at the present moment. He won’t be asking if your child was on the A or B team at age 10.


Here are the problems I see with typical AAU Programs compared to the Bianco Guardian Angels:

Typical Cost: $2000-$3000 to just join the team, the costs to travel with your child 

to tournaments; food/gas/hotel for 5 tournaments will exceed an additional $2500.

Angels Cost: $1695


Travel Time:  Families are either split up on the weekend or incur extra costs to travel together.

Guardian Angels require NO out of town Travel


Dad Coaches: Impartiality is in the question when this is the case.

All teams are coached by Bianco Professional Instructors


Conflicts: You have to make the choice to miss your Rec League or miss AAU, 

paying the price of having a coach be disappointed with your choice.

Guardian Angels will not conflict with Rec

So what’s really important? Improving your child’s skills!It’s not having a certain label on the type of baseball they are playing.

If you spent the 50 hours of travel time going out of town for tournaments in your back yard working on the 5 tools of the game; Running Speed, Arm Speed, Bat Speed, Power and Defense, you’ll be far more ahead of the game.

The Guardian Angels is a developmental AAU program that will play in local tournaments and provide professional instruction to youth athletes while maintaining a fun enjoyable atmosphere! 

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